Liberty Distribution

How It Works:

Custom Designed Assortment:

We provide you the ability to design your own assortment based on demographics, consumer preferences or any other factor you can think of. This ensures you offer your customers exactly what they want.

Nationwide Delivery in 3 Days:

Having strategically placed distribution centers throughout the country means that 90%+ of orders are received at the store within two days of shipping.

100% Product Integrity

All orders are ‘Packed for Conditions’. This means we take the time to pack each order based on current and future weather conditions – so you don't have to worry about melting. Once your shipment arrives, it's ready to be added to your shelves!

EDI and Custom Ordering Solutions

We work with you to develop specific ordering solutions to match your needs. We are the industry leader in all EDI formats.

We accept electronic interchanges using EDI, CSV, TSV, XML, Excel (XLS), and web services platform using SOAP, REST, JSON-RPC, and XML-RPC.

We trade documents using industry proven methods such as FTP (SFTP), E-mail, Value Added Network, AS2 (HTTPS), or HTTP.

We accept purchase orders, provide invoices and advanced ship notices. Sales Data for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) options are also supported.

Some of our customers include: